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Avoid Getting Sick at the Gym

Trying to get in shape? Gyms are breading grounds for germs, often left poorly cleaned. To keep your workouts healthy and germ free, try these tips:

  • Have a cut? Cover it and protect.
  • Wipe down machines before you use them. Don’t trust others to follow gym etiquette.
  • Use only side of the towel on your body, and let the other side touch the gym equipment. If you drop the towel, get a new one.
  • Avoid the water fountain. Bring your own water.

After your workout, avoid bringing germs back home with you. Place used gym clothes in a bag that you can easily drop in your washer. Don’t forget to wipe your phone and earphones, or better use a UV light, like PhoneSoap, to kill pathogens (we love to use it nightly).